Multi-Axis CNC Tool Sharpener


Our Approach

Dull and chipped cutting tools should not end up in a landfill when sharpening them is so quick and easy. Re-sharpen them and save money! The Cyber RC Tool sharpener gives new life to all brands of End Mills, Drills, Reamers, Taps, Step Drills, Countersinks, and other tools.


  • You can now have the same machine that many toolmakers use in your own facility and resharpen tools to factory spec.
  • The Compact design of our Multi-Axis grinder means you can put it virtually anywhere.
  • No air supply or special ventilation is required.
  • Make your own specialty tooling in minutes without having to wait weeks on custom order tooling

Key Features


Easy Set-Up

Quickly sharpen Inch and Metric Cutting Tools with simple data entry conversational programming.


Optional ATC

Easily automate our Multi-Axis grinder with an optional Automatic Tool Changer

Cyber RC Probe

Tool Probe

Take the guess work out of machine setup with the automatic tool probe that detects length and helix angle

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Next Steps...

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