What is Deburring?

Almost all metal manufacturing processes produce burrs or sharp uneven edges along the surfaces that were cut. To deburr parts, a manual process is often required. These burrs can be tedious and time-consuming to remove and affect the overall quality of the workpiece.

Texmac Machine Tools provides two solutions that automate the deburring process and improve consistency and productivity.

Water Jet Deburring

The FE-Movac CNC Water Jet deburring Machine uses 7000 psi water to remove difficult burrs with precision and accuracy.

Because of the powerful spray, parts leave the machine free of any oil or coolant that may be left over from the machining process.


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See why the FE-Movac Deburring Machine is the right solution to automate your deburring process.

Profile Deburring

Chamfering and Deburring are no longer an afterthought. With SENJO SEIKI automatic deburring and chamfering machines, manufacturers can now quickly and uniformly complete gear chamfering and part chamfering to exact specifications with no programming.

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