If you are looking for a High Speed, Rigid Linear Guided CNC Machine, Look no further. The Maxmill Mastarr Series machines feature Roller Bearings that handle more load than traditional ball bearings. The result is a machine that is quick and rigid enough to cut exotic metals with ease.

The combination of the high-speed spindle and the precise linear guideways give The MASTARR series excellent efficiency and accuracy.

Because of the outstanding versatility and rigidity, Superior finished quality is completed smoothly and quietly.

This machine is built with power and precision in mind for fast cycle times and features the user-friendly Mitsubishi M80 or FANUC Oi-MD High-Performance CNC controller.

With a wide range of available work envelops, we have the perfect machine to suit your needs.


Maxmill QMC-1050

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BigPlus Dual Contact Spindle

Dual Contact Spindle

The Big Plus Dual Contact Spindle offers increased rigidity and accuracy while reducing vibration and improving finnish quality.


Built Better

All major structural parts are made of High quality cast iron ensuring the utmost rigidity.
Our CNC machines are made with a wider base with 36mm adjusting screws for leveling guarantees superior load capacity.

Maxmill CNC Machines resist Thermal growth

Thermal Stability

All major parts are manufactured from meehanite cast iron, rib reinforced, annealed and stress relieved for outstanding thermal stability.
The entire machine has been analyzed and designed to resist the effects of thermal growth.

Coolant Through Spindle

Coolant Through Spindle

Our hollow spindle shaft and dedicated high-pressure pump allow for coolant to be directed right to the tip of the tool at 290 PSI. Coolant through the Spindle help with chip evacuation and greatly extends tool life.


Maxmill CNC Machine with way covers removed

Improved Reliability

All electrical and supply lines are removed from the cutting area, increasing workspace and reliability. All Critical cables are tucked away to avoid contamination from coolant and chips.

Maxmill Cruiser Series2


Leak Free Design

The bulkheading of the machine base
and integrated chip grooves on both
sides, Keep chips and cutting fluid completely inside the machine interior, therefore providing a cleaner and safer exterior work area.


Fanuc servo motor coupling (2015.5.8)

Solid as a rock

X, Y and Z axes have linear roller
guides that are designed to handle
high load capacities and deliver high-performance rigidity.


BLUM Tool Setter

Our current stock of Maxmill CNC Machines come standard with BLUM ZX-Speed tool setters. Subroutines can be set for automatic tool length and diameter setting and tool breakage detection.


Low Vibration

High strength, round-corner design of splash guards have low resonance that reduces noise during high speed machining.

High Visibility

The LED Status light strip features 3 colors so you can tell if your machine is running, waiting or alarming from across the shop.

Maxmill CNC Machines also feature internal high intensity LED lighting. An LED light is placed directly above the spindle so that the workpiece is always illuminated.


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