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About us! TEXMAC Inc. is an owned subsidiary of ITOCHU MACHINE-TECHNOS. ITOCHU MACHINE-TECHNOS is a Japanese machinery trading company. Incorporated in 1974, to service the machine industry. Overall, the Machine Tool Group provides Japanese machinery. Furthermore, we service all manufacturing industries. Whether you are a small or mass production shop. Learn More

Our Approach

TEXMAC Machine Tools is in Atlanta Georgia. In fact, to support manufacturing in the United States. Given these points, we offer a wide range of CNC Machines. Important to realize, we offer Horizontal Machine Centers, Band Saws, and Grinders. Furthermore, we have a machine for every budget and market. Moreover, we service small and large automotive manufacturing facilities. In conclusion, we serve the region with quality machines and services.


TEXMAC Inc. is an owned subsidiary of ITOCHU MACHINE TECHNOS. ITOCHU MACHINE TECHNOS is a technique-oriented machinery trading company. To point out, we provide total solutions for “Machine Tools”, “Industrial Machinery”, and “Food & Pharma Machinery” fields. To emphasize, ITOCHU MACHINE TECHNOS continues to develop its businesses worldwide.

ITOCHU Corporation

In 1858, Chubei Itoh founded the Itochu Corporation. The company’s founder started by trading linens. Since the beginning, ITOCHU continues to evolve and grow. Altogether, ITOCHU Corporation has 130 bases in 67 countries. The ITOCHU Corporation is the leading sogo shosha in Japan. Under those circumstances, ITOCHU is trading in domestic import and export, and overseas trading. For example, textile machinery, metals, minerals, energy, chemicals, and food. Alongside, realty, general products, insurance, logistic services, construction, and finance. To include information and communications technologies. As well as business investments in Japan and overseas.

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About Us!

In a word, we specialize in optimizing Machine shops. Therefore, improving machine production and efficiency. Obviously, aware of the demands and challenges that the manufacturing industry faces. Consequently, our specialists will help identify opportunities for cost-saving and process improvement. Contact Us