Since its inception, Amada America is providing American industry with a steady stream of innovative, productivity-enhancing sheet metal stamping press machines. We have accomplished this by carefully listening to our customers. Obviously, engineering and building machine tools to solve your fabrication needs. To point out, we serve the following markets: Aerospace, Air Conditioning, Appliance, Computers, Electronics, Farm Equipment, Gaming Industry, Medical Equipment, Metal Office Equipment, Restaurant Equipment, Telecommunications, and Transportation.

For this reason, no two manufacturing needs are exactly alike. Therefore, finding the right solution means thoroughly understanding your objectives and configuring a solution to match them precisely. To summarize, our engineers bring decades of industry experience to help you achieve your specified goals. In short, processes that fit and enhance your workflow.

Amada Automatic Band Saws

Automatic Band Saws

Fully automatic band saws with fully accurate material indexing controlled by NC-positioning. The squareness of the cut is monitored by a unique Amada-designed Blade Deviation Detector.

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Digital Servo Press

Crank, link, knuckle, multistep, pendulum, pulse motion. The optimum slide motions and strokes can be set for specific applications. Overall, better productivity over conventional stamping press product systems.

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Chip Compactor

Compact and reduce the area required for chip storage. In brief, this compactor can reduce chip storage area from up to 5:1 on grinding swarf and up to 20:1 on machining chips. In a word, see a quick return on your investment from the increased value of scrap metal.

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Grinding Machines

  • Optical Precision Profile Grinder
  • Graphical Profile Tool Grinder
  • Ultra-High Precision Forming Grinder
  • Rotary Surface Grinder
  • 5 Axes Multifunction Grinding Center

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