Act Five Co

Act5 is an industrial cleaning machine maker located in Kyoto City, Japan. Unlike other industrial cleaning machines that use chlorinated solvents which are harmful to the earth’s ozone layer, our cleaning systems only use hydrocarbon and aqueous solvents in a vacuum to achieve complete parts washing without leaving any residue.

ACT Five Semi-Automatic Vacuum Cleaning System

Semi-Automatic Vacuum Cleaning System

The Act5 Semi-Automatic Vacuum Cleaning System features a Tremendously flexible operation. the entire Vacuum cleaning process is customizable to best meet your cleaning needs (ex: immersion + steam + drying or steam + drying etc.).
the control panel is easy to operate. Only loading and unloading of the basket must be done manually and can be done with the hoist. the machine is equipped with a timer to start cleaning and drying automatically.

Aqueous/Hydrocarbon Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems


These machines come equipped with both aqueous and hydrocarbon cleaning capabilities. Available in a wide range of styles from single chamber to multiple chamber systems.

The 3-stage cycle of pre-wash, main wash and rinse cycle in the multiple chamber systems make precision cleaning possible.

Parts leave the system completely stain-free and eliminate both water-based and oil-based contaminants.

Excellent for PVD, CVD, and pre-coating.

Think Hydrocarbon Washing could be a solution for you?

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