Fuji Machine

Fuji Machine provides our customers with precision machine tools. Combined with features like zero growth spindles. In fact, Fuji integrated robots offer flexibility, ease of use, and turnkey solutions! Fuji’s complete approach to service ensures customer satisfaction. Our modular products are designed to maximize the efficiency of your production line. Therefore, meet your production schedules and profit goals with complete automation solutions from one trusted source.


The DLFn Modular production equipment is revolutionizing machining automation. To demonstrate, it taking raw materials to finished parts has never been easier. Consequently, more time-efficient and space-efficient. For one thing, up to 10 modules combined. Therefore, the DLFn occupies less than half the space of a conventional Fuji line. Download Brochure

Fuji Machine ANW Series

Important to realize, that this machine is a workpiece front and back with turning, facing, threading, grooving, and boring in a single set-up, unmanned. Download Brochure

CSD Series

The CSD series of parallel twin two-spindle CNC lathes feature both Z- and X-axis box way slides. Specifically, for heavy cutting, superior surface finish, and longer tool life.

For this reason, this series is equipped with Fuji-engineered hydraulic clamping gantry robot loaders to maintain tight tolerances. Download Brochure

TN Series

Modular machine with 1 spindle, 1 turret, and gantry robot. Download Brochure

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