Texmac is proud to distribute the following High quality Machines.


Maxmill Verticle Machining Centers deliver quality and reliability at a reasonable price. With more standard features than most other machines, Maxmill VMCs give you everything you need to be productive without breaking the bank.


Enshu CNC machines have the reputation of being the most reliable and efficient machines in the industry. That's why you typically find them in manufacturing facilities that run 24/7 and where uptime is critical.


With more than 70 years of manufacturing industry experience, Amada Machine Tools has always been on the cutting edge of manufacturing.


FEMCO has been manufacturing metalworking tools since 1958. Our years of experience and expertise offer the finest machine tools in the industry. Our mission is to provide top quality machine tools to companies through our network of highly qualified machine tool distributors. We make it our business to increase yours.

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The Shigiya product lineup includes a full range of metal grinding machine tools that incorporate our proprietary advanced technology and grinding processes.

Act Five

Act Five specializes in Hydrocarbon Cleaning solutions that can remove debris and residue left behind by other ultrasonic cleaning methods.

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