The FE-MOVAC CNC Water Jet Center

For precision washing, deburring, and de-sanding!

Fe-Movac CNC Deburring is a 7000 PSI Waterjet Deburring center. The deburring center can remove chips and burrs caused by the machining process. In fact, it will improve the cleaning precision and quality of your parts.

In the first place, this CNC-controlled Water Jet allows you to clean with more precision and flexibility. When compared to robotic or ultrasonic cleaning machines.

The Fanuc operating system can control 5-axis movements and deburr parts with complex shapes. Namely, hydraulic valve parts. Therefore, the deburring process is quick and consistent every time.

Consequently, with the adoption of a high-precision CNC rotary table. The machine can accurately clean up six surfaces of a workpiece in one clamping. In addition, the Fe-Movac machine is equipped with the FANUC system. In particular, the cleaning equipment reaches the repositioning accuracy of ±0.05mm. Explicitly cleaning and deburring the workpiece parts. For example, small holes, deep holes, and cross holes with precision and efficiency. Additionally, the machine has a patented automatic nozzle change system. Therefore, it can change the nozzle automatically. This is done according to the requirements of the parts of the workpieces. In addition, it can customize, produce, and install automatic tooling based on the specific requirements of the workpiece. Altogether, the machine realizes integration with automatic production line, improves production efficiency, saves time, and reduces the labor cost. Download Brochure

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I. Energy conservation: The high-pressure cleaning center chooses to use industrial soft water as a recyclable cleaning medium.

II. Wide range of applications: The i-MOVAC high-pressure cleaning center series is used in aeronautics, astronautics, automobile manufacturing, new energy, engineering machinery. To include other high-precision parts.

III. Lower workpiece manufacturing cost: The i-MOVAC can reduce the deburring cost to less than 1% of the total manufacturing cost.

IV. Comparison with other technological processes: In conclusion, cleaning and deburring are the last process of the workpiece processing line. Conventionally, deburring is conducted manually with hand tools such as a hairbrush. Then, followed by cleaning with ultrasonic and low-pressure cleaning equipment. To point out, high-pressure water is the best means of cleaning and deburring components. Especially high-precision components. On the positive side, the high-pressure water is recycled. Therefore, saving energy and protecting the environment. In view of the heightening awareness of environmental protection and the promotion of environment-friendly products globally. For this reason, the high-pressure cleaner has become essential for improving product quality. In conclusion, the utilization of high-pressure cleaners is already an inevitable trend.


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