Senjo Seiki

Senjo Seiki is an integrated manufacturer of Chamfering and Deburring Machines. Consequently, due to the high demand for quality products. Therefore, our company has continued to meet the needs of our customers. For example, we take advantage of our years of know-how and go beyond customers' expectations. Thus, accurately capturing today's manufacturing changes. In conclusion, we will always do our best to understand our customers and always be good partners.

Chamfering and Deburring are no longer an afterthought. With SENJO SEIKI automatic chamfering and deburring machines, manufacturers can now quickly and uniformly deburr gears and machined parts to exact specifications with no programming.

The unique design of SENJO SEIKI machines incorporates a patented, stylus tracing unit that eliminates the need for any component placement or computer programming which are needed in CNC machines.

The stylus traces the inner or outer perimeter of a machined component, guiding the cutter axis to create a uniform and symmetrical chamfer that requires no further finishing and is highly consistent from part to part.

The Senjo Machine is not limited to only Gears. It can have applications to almost any machined or cast part and is able to work on a variety of materials like Aluminum, steel, glass, plastics or titanium.

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