Introducing the Maxmill ML-15 Mill-Turn. To emphasize, quality machines do make a difference. Specifically, Maxmill Machinery set out to design the highest quality Machining Centers. Given that, the vertical machining center achieves the highest levels. For example, productivity, accuracy, and quality. To accomplish this, Maxmill utilizes the most rigorous quality control systems. In short, to guarantee the customer receives a Machine that exceeds their expectations. Contact us!

Maxmill ML-15 Mill-Turn Benefits:

  • The Maxmill Machine features 3 Linear and 2 rotational axes. In addition, the C axis can rotate at 2,500 RPM. Thus, enabling the turning and milling processes in a single operation. In conclusion, Multi-angle Turning, Milling, and 5 face machining are 1 process by the Maxmill ML-15 Mill-Turn.
  • Benefit: Maximize per unit production capacity.
  • Precision: More accurate material preparation with less material preparation on one machine.
  • Save money: Given that, improvement of production yield rate. Consequently, reduces processing failure loss.
  • Save time: Reduce handling time between machines.
Maxmill 5 axis machining center

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