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CNC Machine. No one likes it when issues occur. Therefore, when they do, it's nice to have local service technicians who can respond within minutes, not hours or days. In the first place, we understand how costly downtime can be. We go the extra mile to make sure our customers are well taken care of.


Dual Contact Spindle

The Big Plus Dual Contact Spindle offers increased rigidity and accuracy while reducing vibration and improving finish quality. To clarify, it reduces run out which extends tool life and allows our machine to take heavier cuts and remove more material than other machines.


Coolant Through Spindle

In fact, our hollow spindle shaft and dedicated high-pressure pump allow for coolant to be directed right to the tip of the tool at 300 PSI. Coolant through Spindle helps with chip evacuation and extends tool life.


Mitsubishi Controller

To point out, our current stock of Maxmill CNC Machines comes standard with the Mitsubishi M80 Series Controller. Significantly, the most advanced controller in the industry. Coupled with a User expandable memory and 1356 lines of look ahead, it is the perfect machine for complex 3D and Mold machining.


15,000 RPM Spindle

Furthermore, each Maxmill Machine Features a High-Speed Spindle capable of high material removal rates to make you more productive. Specifically, our spindles have enough Torque and Horsepower to machine exotic materials, like Inconel and Titanium with ease.


Rock Soild

For example, all major structural parts are made of High-quality cast iron ensuring the utmost rigidity. X,Y, and Z axis feature roller guideways for optimum rigidity. In addition, our CNC machines are made with a wider base and have 1.4 inch adjusting screws for levelling and superior load capacity.

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