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Contact us today! TEXMAC Inc. is an owned subsidiary of ITOCHU MACHINE-TECHNOS. MACHINE TECHNOS is a technique-oriented machinery trading company. Consequently, we bring advancement and excellence to each industry we set foot in. Examples, Advanced Battery production equipment and flying Probe Circuit Board Testers. Additionally, Food, and Beverage Machines. To include CNC Machine Tool, Robotic Machinery, and HAPPY Embroidery Machines. Of course, we sell the parts. Our headquarters is based in Charlotte, NC. Our business has been growing since 1974. So, how have we been able to keep our status in each of the industries? The answer is simple: Ambitious standards. Furthermore, TEXMAC has set ambitious standards for our employees, our business practices, and our products. Additionally, we are always striving and pushing ourselves to be better as a company and industry leader.

Therefore, TEXMAC Inc. is proudly a part of the ITOCHU family. Established in 1858. ITOCHU is a Japanese Conglomerate. A trading company, importing and exporting goods around the world.

Significantly, they still offer trading services. They also own or have significant investments in many companies. Not to mention some offices in Japan. To include, ten regional subsidiaries that partner with businesses everywhere. In conclusion, ITOCHU Corporation boasts one of the most extensive business networks. Worldwide with one hundred offices in sixty-two countries.

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