Whether you have new employees or new equipment, Texmac has experienced personnel who can provide the training you need so that you don’t miss a beat.


Buy with confidence knowing that you have access to a team of local, knowledgeable support staff who are ready to assist.

Process Improvement

We specialize in helping Machine Shops and Manufacturting Companies to optimize their efficiency. We are aware of the demands and challenges that the manufacturing industry faces and our specialists can help to identify opportunities for cost saving and process improvement.


Free Assessment

Driving manufacturing process improvement is one of the most effective ways to increase quality, operational efficiency, and the bottom line. After all, why not take advantage of the latest advances in Machining Technology. For this reason, schedule a process improvement assessment with one of our manufacturing engineers today. During this free visit, we will look for ways to improve productivity, reduce cycle times and implement the latest machining strategies. In order to help you stay competitive.

Professional Services

Services when you need it.

Experiencing manufacturing issues? It is always good to know that a service professional is only a phone call away. Especially, when they are only a few minutes away.
Ultimately, that is what you get when you purchase one of our high-quality CNC machines. Our office is strategically located in the greater Atlanta area. So that we can provide face-to-face service to our local customers within minutes, not hours or days.
To summarize, our objective is to build lasting relationships with our customers. Providing Excellent Service is one of the ways we do this.

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