Double Column Mill
Maxmill CNC Machine SparQ Series

Double Column Mill

Double Column Mill
Double Column Mill

For this reason, the SPARQ Series Machine is engineered to machine your largest parts. In fact, available travel from 86-241 inches on the X-axis. Therefore, it is the perfect solution for large part machining or multi-operation jobs.

The Sparq Series boasts a rugged and robust Structure! For this reason. it is the very basis of ultimate accuracy. To emphasize, a maximum tool length of 400MM. Given that, tool weight imbalance of 80kg.

In short, the Headstock gears are of Japanese Chromolybedenum alloy steel. Then, carburized and precision ground to class 0 of JIS standards.

In addition, the SPARQ series machines come standard with a 50 Taper Big Plus Spindle and box ways on the Z-axis to ensure a lifetime of rigidity and dependability.

In brief, each machine is custom-built to suit each customer. Definitely, call us today with your requirements so we can provide the machine that best suits your needs.

Double Column Mill Outstanding Features:

  • To ensure structural stability, the columns and bridge are annealed and stress relieved.
  • Linear guideways on X and Y axes, box ways on Z axis.
  • High precision pre-loaded linear guideways feature low frictional co-efficient low stick-slip and high thrust force sensitivity ensuring dynamic movement accuracy.
  • 6,000 RPM gear-driven spindle is standard.
  • 32-tool arm-type ATC.
  • Extra wide door for easy loading and unloading of workpieces.
  • The ideal for: Automobile forming dies, plastic injection molds, machine parts machining, aerospace parts machining.

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