FEMCO Inc. has been importing high-quality machine tools since 1977. For instance, the FEMCO production facilities are located in Chia-yi, Taiwan. In fact, FEMCo has been producing machinery for over 40 years. Therefore, our commitment is to provide our customers with the best quality at the best price. Furthermore, our product line includes CNC Lathes, CNC Horizontal Boring Mills, CNC Vertical Lathes, and CNC Wheel Turning Centers. Therefore, we have the solution for all your machining. As a result, from large to small, we can handle it all.

Established in 1949 as The Far East Machinery Company (FEMCO) in Taiwan. At first, we started our humble beginnings as a bicycle rim shop. Eventually, we expanded into a multi-divisional, internationally oriented company. Consequently, our machine division works relentlessly to create profits for our customers. In conclusion, all of our machines must pass our comprehensive quality control checks before we ship them to our customers.


Horizontal Boring Mills

FEMCO BMC-Series is a full line of Horizontal Boring Mills. In particular, we have 10 distinct models. Featuring full 4th Rotary Axis tables; heavy table load capacities; extended the reach of W-Axes. Therefore, each model provides specific capabilities for machining large, complex parts.

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Vertical Turning Lathes

FEMCO Turning Centers for high Volume production of high precision cylindrical parts. Featuring lathes with various capacities. Always at competitive prices.

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Horizontal Turning Centers

FEMCO Turning Centers for high Volume production of high precision cylindrical parts. Highlighting lathes with various capacities. Thus, at competitive prices.

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Wheel Turning Centers

FEMCO Wheel Machines are for high volume production of wheels of superb quality. Therefore, we have models available for all aspects of wheel machining. To include, turning exquisite mirror finishes, 5-Axis Wheel Drilling Machines, for drilling the Lug Nut and Valve Stem Holes quickly and efficiently. Modular machine with 1 spindle, 1 turret, and gantry robot.

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