Shigiya Cylindrical Grinders

GPS Series Straight Grinders

The GPS CNC cylindrical grinder meets the need for unparalleled quality. Especially, the flexibility and productivity of the machine. For instance, complete with user-friendly conversational programming. Providing, quick and easy interaction with fast setups. In particular, the simple traverse and taper movements. To point out, the machine is efficient and economical. Therefore, Shigiya created the GPS to satisfy these customer demands and more.

GAE Series Angle Grinders

A GAE is a versatile type CNC angular cylindrical grinder. Uniquely known for its high efficiency and high accuracy. Specifically, on the mass-production line. Furthermore, it is designed for flexibility and ease of use. To emphasize, it excels at grinding end surfaces and cylindrical surfaces of shafts with the journals and their shoulders. Overall, it is well suited for general universal grinding of cylindrical or conical surfaces on rotational parts.

GSU Series Universal Grinders

Given the GSU Series, multi-process type CNC universal grinder delivers relentless performance job after job. In effect, the GSU is used for many complex applications. For instance, one chucking for peak operation. In detail, the GSU brings precision, convenience, and flexibility to your grinding operations. Finally, the GSU is truly a universal machine. To clarify, it will produce the most difficult workpieces quickly and accurately.

Vertical CNC Cylindrical Grinder

In essence, the GPV-10 vertical CNC grinder features a compact footprint of 1 square meter. Thus, allowing it to accommodate a range of production line layouts. While the machine's wide opening allows for easy loading and automation. An innovative gate structure ensures precision grinding. For the purpose of counter measuring against vibration, thermal displacement, and noise. Notably, this ensures extreme precision after a cold start, and even during post-process grinding.


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