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AMADA Stamping

AMADA Stamping machines are used to produce metal pressed parts. The ORII is an industry leader in innovative technology. Offering stamping press and press room automation equipment. As well as spring machines. Therefore, our product range includes stamping press and coil line systems. To include, compact coil feed lines, and spring machines. Additionally, we offer transfer systems, and industrial antivibration equipment.

The AMADA ORII provides customers worldwide with the ultimate in technology and services.
The ORII branded automation equipment is for Tier 1 and Tier 2 automotive suppliers. In addition to other forms of metal stamping businesses.

AMADA ORII’s MEC brand of spring machines. Also known as wire forming machines. Offer the best precision in spring technology. The MEC spring machines are suitable for delicate applications. For example, electronic and medical devices. As well as large automotive and hardware springs.
Additionally, the Leveling Casters and Pads Division provides equipment to prevent vibrations and noise. Therefore, they can be placed in offices, factories, and hospitals.

Amada Digital Servo Press

SDE Series

Servo Press

The SDE series includes the crank, link, knuckle, multistep, pendulum, and pulse motion. To emphasize, the slide motion and stroke are set for your specific application. In fact, it makes productivity better than a conventional stamping press product system.


TP Series

Crank Press

Since its launch, the TP series Crank press has been an icon in many press shops.

The TP-FX series crank press has upgraded the functions of the TP series.


TPL Series

Link Press

Therefore, the TPL link press meets the working needs of customers. Especially, for high productivity and accuracy. The TPL-FX series Link Press allows you to see press operating conditions and maintenance information for digital network applications.

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