We understand the demands of High Volume Low Mix manufacturing and we can provide Automotive Manufacturing solutions. Therefore, we can help you to meet and exceed your target cycle times.


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Specialty Machines

Many times an off-the-shelf solution is not the best solution. Our Machine Builders specialize in Custom  Machine Tools that can offer Maximum Efficiency at the highest quality.


Since 1920 Enshu has Produced high-quality CNC Machines. Meanwhile, almost 100 years later Enshu has the reputation of being the most dependable Machine Builder in Japan.

Built by hand and designed to meet the tightest tolerances, Enshu machining centers are then tested for durability, endurance, speed, and accuracy.

But before any new model makes it to a customer, we put it in our own production facility and beat it like a drum. No breaks, no downtime. Just hours of blood and sweat.

Enshu machining centers don’t just have the best MTBF and MTTR specs in the industry. In conclusion, they are built to go years without a moment of downtime. Even under the most grueling conditions.

At Enshu, we build and use machines that can take whatever you can dish out. For the final analysis, you can finish first, shift after shift. Read More…


We provide our customers with precision machine tools with integrated Fuji robots that offer flexibility, ease of use, and turnkey solutions. Read More… lineflowmachines[1]


Challenging and complex machining processes are where Horibe Machines excel. Most Machine Tool Builders try to match their machines to their customers. In Manufacturing one size doesn’t always fit all.

This can result in a machine that is not ideal for their manufacturing process and might have features the end-user doesn’t need.

However, Horibe creates a machine based on the customer’s requirements. Therefore, even the most demanding processes can be completed quickly and efficiently. Read More..


Most automotive parts will need to be washed and deburred before final assembly. The FE-Movac CNC controlled water Jet Deburring Machine can do both at the same time.

With the precision of a CNC Machine, the 7000 psi waterjet removes sharp edges from machined parts with precision while also removing chips, grease, and cutting oils.

One unique feature is that the FE-Movac CNC Pressure washer can adjust washing pressure automatically. Namely, within the NC program so that the operator can use less pressure for sensitive areas and increase pressure for difficult burrs.Read More FE-MOVAC Automotive, deburring machines waterjet profile

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