With CRONOS’S powerful capabilities,
conquering extremely heavy-duty workloads will never be a problem for you.


The rigid, box-type slideways on three axes deliver a high chip removal rate. The CRONOS series offers rugged construction throughout the machining bed. To include a high torque spindle. Therefore, making heavy-duty machines easier than ever.

cronos Series
cronos series


The machine is made with four box ways. Therefore, providing everlasting cutting performance reliability.
Specifically designed for heavy-duty cutting, and high chip removal applications, The special double gibs locked design improves the dynamic performance of the continuous movement. Also, the structure reinforced saddle by emission-type ribs offers excellent dynamic stability.
Designed with heavier construction and high torque to reduce cycle time for heavy steel operations.

Maxmill Cruiser Series5

The Cronos Series Machines are engineered for machining some of your largest parts. With available travels from 55-78 inches in X, it is the perfect solution for large part machining or multi-operation jobs.

The Headstock gears are manufactured from Japanese Chromolybdenum alloy steel, carburized and then precision ground to class 0 of JIS standards.

The CRONOS series machines come standard with a 50 Taper Big Plus Spindel and box ways to ensure a lifetime of rigidity and dependability.


Outstanding Features:

For one thing, using the pyramid machine construction features a rigid structural ratio. Therefore, an emission type reinforced rib is in the casting parts. Thus, ensuring high accuracy for various machining applications. This outstanding machine construction effectively extends service life and features a stable thermal effect and added dampening effect.

Furthermore, to achieve the best possible accuracy, installing 3 axes ball screws, ball-bar testing, and laser equipment.

X, Y, and Z axes are rigid box-type slideways. In fact, precision ground and coated are the slideways. Using a high quality, low friction Turcite-B. Chiefly, for maximum wear resistance.

Another key point, optimized machine construction. Constructed with High-quality alloy cast iron. It features maximum material stability, minimum deformation, and lifetime accuracy. Square slideways feature a low friction co-efficient.

To clarify, the four box ways fit together with gibs and wedges. For utmost accuracy assurance, also assuring outstanding stability for table longitudinal movements.

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