The Maxmill VMC-966 has been engineered to take anything you can throw at it. This high rigidity Box Way production CNC machine is ideally suited for cutting hard and exotic metals. VMC-966 Specs!

This machine is built with power and precision for fast cycle times. Coupled with a user-friendly FANUC Oi-MD High-Performance CNC controller. Therefore, making it easy to use.

The CRUISER series machines are engineered with a box ways on all 3 axis structure for the base and a trapezoid structure in the column for maximum rigidity.

Outstanding Features:

  • The pyramid machine construction features a perfect structural ratio. The major cast parts are scientifically rib reinforced. Therefore, extending service life with a stable thermal effect and added dampening effect.

  • Furthermore, the best possible accuracy is achieved by installing the 3 axes ball screws, ball bar testing and laser equipment.

  • All slideways are hardened and precision ground. Additionally, they are coated with high quality, low friction Turcite-B for maximum wear resistance. As a result, the mating surfaces are precision treated for long term accuracy.

  • Optimized machine construction. The major machine parts, such as base, column and saddle, are manufactured from high quality alloy cast iron. Ultimately, it features maximum material stability, minimum deformation and lifetime accuracy.

Maxmill VMC-966 Specifications

TRAVEL X x Y x Z axis   35.4 x 25.6 x 23.6 in
  Spindle nose to table   4.7~28.3 in.
  Spindle center to solid column surface   27.6 in.
TABLE Working area   43.3 x 23.6
  Max. loading   2,200 lbs.
  T-Slots (No. x Width x Pitch)   5 x .7 x 4 in
SPINDLE Tool shank   CAT-40 Big Plus
  Speed   10,000 rpm
  Transmission   Direct Drive
  Bearing lubrication   Grease
  Cooling system   Oil cooled
  Spindle motor max.rating (FANUC)   15 / 20 HP
  Axis motor max.rating (FANUC)   3.2 / 3.2 / 3.2 HP
4.0 / 4.0 / 5.36 HP (OPT)
  Rapids on X & Y & Z axes   508 / 508 / 508 IPM
FEED RATES Max. cutting feed rate   250 IPM
  Tool storage capacity   30 Tools
TOOL MAGAZINE (ARM) Type of tool   CAT- 40
  Max. tool diameter   3 in
  Max. tool weight   15.4 lbs
  Max. tool length   11 inchs
  Tool to tool   2.7 sec.
Chip to chip (50% Z axis)   6.7 sec.
  Air source required   85 PSI
  Positioning (VDI 3341)   P .0003 in
ACCURACY Repeatability (VDI 3341)   Ps .00039 in
  Machine weight (Net)   14,770 lbs
DIMENSION Power source required   15 KVA 220v
  Floor space (L x W x H)   110 x 113 x 106 in